Sennheiser SK 100 G4 Bodypack Transmitter

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Explore the Sennheiser SK 100 G4 Bodypack Transmitter, featuring advanced wireless technology and exceptional sound quality. Ideal for musicians, presenters, and broadcasters, the SK 100 G4 ensures reliable and clear audio transmission in diverse professional settings.

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The Sennheiser SK 100 G4 Bodypack Transmitter offers professional-grade audio quality and dependable performance, designed for use with lavalier mics, headsets, and instruments. Featuring advanced wireless technology, robust construction, and intuitive features, the SK 100 G4 ensures clear and reliable sound transmission in various professional settings.

Advanced Wireless Technology

Operating in the UHF frequency range, the Sennheiser SK 100 G4 provides a stable and interference-free wireless connection. It utilizes True Diversity technology with dual antennas to ensure reliable reception and minimize dropouts, even in challenging environments. The transmitter offers up to 1680 tunable frequencies across a 42 MHz bandwidth, providing flexibility and optimal signal integrity.

Exceptional Sound Quality

The SK 100 G4 Bodypack Transmitter delivers exceptional audio fidelity, capturing detailed and natural sound. It is compatible with a range of Sennheiser microphone capsules, ensuring versatile use for different applications such as vocals, instruments, and presentations. The transmitter maintains clarity and articulation, making it ideal for live performances, broadcasts, and corporate events.

Durable and User-Friendly Design

Designed for durability and ease of use, the SK 100 G4 features a robust metal housing that withstands the challenges of daily use. Its compact and ergonomic design ensures comfort and discretion when worn, whether on stage or during presentations. The transmitter is equipped with an easy-to-read OLED display for clear visibility of settings like frequency, battery status, and audio levels.

Flexible Connectivity

The SK 100 G4 supports a variety of input options, including 3.5mm audio input for connecting lavalier microphones and instruments, as well as optional microphone capsules for specific applications. It provides secure and stable transmission, ensuring reliable performance without interference or signal loss.

Easy Setup and Operation

Setting up the SK 100 G4 is straightforward, thanks to its intuitive menu navigation and synchronization with Sennheiser G4 receivers. The transmitter features infrared synchronization for quick setup and frequency management, allowing seamless integration into any professional audio setup.

Versatile Applications

Ideal for a wide range of applications, the Sennheiser SK 100 G4 Bodypack Transmitter is suitable for musicians, presenters, broadcasters, and performers. Its ability to deliver clear, natural sound and reliable connectivity makes it indispensable in live sound reinforcement, theatre productions, corporate presentations, and more.

Trusted by Professionals

Sennheiser is a renowned leader in professional audio solutions, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. The SK 100 G4 Bodypack Transmitter exemplifies this legacy, offering reliable performance and exceptional sound quality that professionals trust worldwide.


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