Behringer X-32 Compact Digital Mixer


Discover the Behringer X32 Compact Digital Mixer, perfect for live sound, studio recordings, and broadcast applications. With exceptional audio quality, intuitive interface, versatile routing, and robust design, this mixer delivers professional-grade performance in a compact and portable package.

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The Behringer X32 Compact Digital Mixer offers exceptional performance, versatility, and intuitive operation in a compact form factor. Perfect for musicians, sound engineers, and audio professionals, the X32 Compact delivers professional-grade audio quality and advanced features. Discover why the Behringer X32 Compact is a preferred choice for demanding audio environments.

Exceptional Audio Quality

The Behringer X32 Compact ensures pristine sound reproduction with its 40-input channels and 16 MIDAS-designed microphone preamps. Equipped with 32 configurable mixing channels and advanced 24-bit converters, the X32 Compact captures every detail of your audio sources with clarity and precision. Whether you’re mixing live bands, recording in the studio, or managing broadcast feeds, the X32 Compact delivers uncompromising audio fidelity.

Intuitive User Interface

Designed for ease of use, the X32 Compact features a streamlined interface with a high-resolution LCD display and dedicated controls for quick access to essential functions. The mixer’s ergonomic layout includes motorized faders, backlit buttons, and rotary encoders, providing tactile feedback and intuitive operation. With customizable workflow options and scene management capabilities, the X32 Compact enhances efficiency and workflow in any mixing environment.

Versatile Routing and Processing

The X32 Compact offers extensive routing and processing capabilities to accommodate diverse audio setups and requirements. It includes 16 mix buses, 6 matrix buses, and a comprehensive FX rack with high-quality effects processors. Each channel features dynamic EQ and dynamics processing, allowing you to shape and refine your sound with precision. Flexible routing options and signal management tools ensure seamless integration into complex audio systems.

Robust and Portable Design

Built to withstand the rigors of professional use, the Behringer X32 Compact features a rugged chassis and durable components. Despite its robust build, the mixer remains compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and set up for live performances or mobile recording sessions. Its reliability and portability make the X32 Compact a versatile choice for touring bands, venues, and production crews.

Integrated Digital Networking

Equipped with AES50 networking technology, the Behringer X32 Compact supports seamless integration with compatible digital stage boxes and audio networks. The mixer also features USB connectivity for recording and playback, as well as remote control via computer or tablet using the free iOS and Android apps. Integrated Wi-Fi capability allows wireless control and monitoring, enhancing flexibility and convenience during live shows.


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