EV ELX115P 1000W Powered Speaker with 2 Channel Mixer


Explore the EV ELX115P 1000W Powered Speaker, perfect for live sound reinforcement, DJ setups, and portable PA systems. With exceptional audio performance, built-in mixer for versatility, durable design, and easy setup, this powered speaker delivers powerful sound with professional-grade quality.

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The EV ELX115P 1000W Powered Speaker with 2 Channel Mixer is the perfect choice for live sound reinforcement, DJ setups, and portable PA systems. Designed by Electro-Voice, renowned for their quality sound equipment, the ELX115P combines robust power with intuitive features in a compact and portable design. Explore why the EV ELX115P is a preferred speaker for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Exceptional Audio Performance

The EV ELX115P Powered Speaker features a high-output 15-inch woofer and a 1.5-inch high-frequency titanium compression driver, delivering powerful bass and crisp highs with a frequency response of 44 Hz to 20 kHz. With 1000 watts of Class-D amplification, the ELX115P ensures clear and balanced sound reproduction, making it ideal for both music playback and vocal performances. Whether used as a main speaker or stage monitor, the ELX115P excels in delivering professional-grade audio quality.

Built-in Mixer for Versatility

Equipped with a 2-channel mixer, the EV ELX115P offers flexible connectivity options for microphones, instruments, and external audio sources. The mixer features XLR and 1/4-inch inputs with independent volume controls, allowing you to easily blend multiple audio sources directly into the speaker. This versatile setup makes the ELX115P suitable for solo performers, bands, DJs, and various live sound applications where quick setup and intuitive control are essential.

Durable and Portable Design

Designed for durability and portability, the EV ELX115P features a rugged wood enclosure with a steel grille and ergonomic handles for easy transport and setup. Its robust construction ensures reliability in demanding live environments, while its compact size makes it convenient for mobile DJs, musicians, and rental companies. Whether used indoors or outdoors, the ELX115P’s versatile design adapts to various venues and applications.

Easy Setup and Control

The EV ELX115P is designed for easy setup and operation. It includes integrated pole mounts for speaker stand mounting and floor-monitoring angles, providing flexibility in placement and positioning. The backlit LCD screen on the mixer panel allows for quick monitoring of levels and settings, while the intuitive controls ensure straightforward operation even in low-light conditions. The ELX115P’s user-friendly design enhances workflow efficiency during performances and events.

Affordable Excellence

Despite its professional-grade features, the EV ELX115P Powered Speaker offers excellent value for money, providing powerful sound reinforcement and versatile mixing capabilities at a competitive price point. Its combination of performance, durability, and ease of use makes the ELX115P a popular choice among audio professionals, venues, and rental companies seeking reliable audio solutions.


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