Nexo PS15 Passive Speaker


Explore the Nexo PS15 Passive Speaker, known for its superior sound quality and reliability in professional audio applications. Ideal for live sound and installations, this speaker delivers powerful performance with clarity and precision.

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The Nexo PS15 Passive Speaker is renowned for its exceptional audio performance and reliability in diverse professional settings. Ideal for live sound reinforcement, installations, and portable PA systems, the PS15 delivers powerful sound with clarity and precision.

Superior Sound Clarity

Equipped with a high-efficiency 15-inch LF driver and a 2-inch HF compression driver, the Nexo PS15 ensures clear and balanced sound reproduction across a wide frequency range. Its precise dispersion pattern guarantees uniform coverage throughout the venue, making it suitable for both near-field and far-field applications.

Robust Construction

Built to withstand the challenges of touring and frequent use, the PS15 features a rugged enclosure constructed from durable materials. This ensures longevity and reliability in demanding environments, providing peace of mind for live sound engineers and installers.

Versatile Deployment Options

The PS15 offers flexible mounting options, including pole-mounting and rigging points for flown installations. Its ergonomic design and lightweight construction facilitate easy setup and transportation, enhancing efficiency during live events or venue installations.

Integration and Compatibility

Designed with versatility in mind, the PS15 integrates seamlessly with a variety of audio systems. It features industry-standard connectors and impedance settings, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of amplifiers and signal processors.

Ideal for Professional Environments

Whether used in concert halls, houses of worship, or outdoor events, the Nexo PS15 excels in delivering pristine audio quality and reliable performance. Its reputation for excellence among audio professionals makes it a preferred choice for demanding applications.


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