Sennheiser e906 Dynamic Instrument Mic


Discover the Sennheiser e906 Dynamic Instrument Microphone, designed for superior sound capture and versatility. Ideal for guitar amps and drums, the e906 offers exceptional sound quality and durability.

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Elevate your instrument recordings with the Sennheiser e906 Dynamic Instrument Microphone, designed for exceptional sound capture and versatility. Known for its superior sound quality, durable construction, and tailored frequency response, the e906 is an excellent choice for miking guitar amps, drums, and other instruments both live and in the studio.

Superior Sound Quality

The Sennheiser e906 features a supercardioid polar pattern that provides excellent isolation of the sound source while minimizing background noise. Its tailored frequency response, ranging from 40 Hz to 18 kHz, captures the full range of your instrument’s sound with remarkable clarity and detail. This makes it perfect for miking electric guitars, snare drums, and percussion instruments.

Switchable Presence Filters

One of the standout features of the e906 is its switchable presence filter, which allows you to tailor the microphone’s sound to different applications. The three-position switch (bright, normal, and dark) enables you to adjust the high-frequency response to suit your instrument and playing style, providing you with versatile tonal options.

Durable and Robust Design

Built to withstand the demands of both live performances and studio sessions, the e906 boasts a rugged metal construction. Its durable design ensures reliable performance in various environments, making it a dependable choice for professional use. The microphone’s hum-compensating coil minimizes electromagnetic interference, ensuring clean and noise-free recordings.

Ideal for Close-Miking

The e906’s flat front design allows it to be positioned extremely close to the sound source, making it ideal for close-miking guitar amps and drums. Its high SPL handling capability (up to 150 dB) ensures that it can capture loud audio sources without distortion, providing you with clear and accurate sound even at high volumes.

User-Friendly Design

The e906 features a standard XLR connector for easy integration with professional audio equipment. Its compact and lightweight design allows for flexible positioning, making it easy to find the perfect placement for optimal sound capture. The microphone’s versatile mounting options ensure that it stays securely in place during performances and recording sessions.

Trusted by Professionals

The Sennheiser e906 is trusted by musicians, sound engineers, and audio professionals around the world for its consistent performance and superior sound quality. Whether you’re performing on stage or recording in the studio, the e906 delivers the reliable performance you need for professional-grade audio capture.


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