Shure ULX1 Bodypack Transmitter with Lapel Mic

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Discover the Shure ULX1 Bodypack Transmitter with Lapel Mic, offering reliable wireless performance and exceptional sound quality. Ideal for presentations, theater, and professional audio applications, the ULX1 ensures clear and consistent audio transmission with user-friendly operation and durable construction.

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The Shure ULX1 Bodypack Transmitter paired with a lapel mic provides superior wireless audio performance ideal for presenters, musicians, and public speakers. Combining advanced wireless technology, durable construction, and easy operation, the ULX1 ensures clear and consistent sound quality in various professional settings.

Advanced Wireless Technology

Operating in the UHF frequency band, the Shure ULX1 Bodypack Transmitter offers stable and interference-free wireless performance. It features automatic frequency selection and transmitter setup, simplifying the process of finding the clearest frequency and synchronizing with ULX receivers. With up to 1440 selectable frequencies within a 36 MHz bandwidth, the ULX1 provides flexibility and optimal signal integrity.

Exceptional Sound Quality

The ULX1 Bodypack Transmitter, when paired with a high-quality lapel mic, delivers clear and natural audio reproduction. The lapel mic captures speech with precision, making it ideal for presentations, lectures, and theatre productions. The transmitter ensures consistent audio clarity, allowing for professional-grade sound in any application.

Durable and Compact Design

Built for the demands of professional use, the ULX1 features a rugged metal housing that protects internal components from physical wear and environmental factors. Its compact and lightweight design ensures comfort and discretion when worn, making it perfect for performers and speakers who require mobility and ease of use.

User-Friendly Operation

Designed for simplicity, the ULX1 Bodypack Transmitter includes an easy-to-read LCD screen that displays frequency, battery status, and audio levels. The transmitter’s automatic frequency selection and synchronization streamline setup, allowing users to quickly and efficiently find the best available frequency. Adjustable gain settings provide further control over audio output, ensuring optimal performance in any situation.

Versatile Applications

The Shure ULX1 Bodypack Transmitter with Lapel Mic is versatile enough for a wide range of applications, including corporate presentations, theatre productions, worship services, and more. Its reliable wireless connectivity and superior sound quality make it a trusted choice among audio professionals.

Trusted by Professionals

Shure is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation in audio technology. The ULX1 Bodypack Transmitter upholds this legacy, providing dependable performance and exceptional audio quality that professionals can rely on for their critical audio needs.


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