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Explore the Behringer XR16 Digital Mixer, perfect for live sound, studio recordings, and mobile productions. With exceptional audio quality, versatile channel configuration, compact design, and intuitive control, this mixer is ideal for musicians, bands, and audio professionals looking for professional-grade performance in a portable package.

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The Behringer XR16 Digital Mixer is the perfect solution for live sound, studio recordings, and mobile productions. Ideal for musicians, bands, and audio professionals, the XR16 offers exceptional audio quality, intuitive operation, and flexible connectivity in a portable package. Discover why the Behringer XR16 is a favorite among audio enthusiasts worldwide.

Exceptional Audio Quality

The Behringer XR16 ensures pristine sound reproduction with its high-quality microphone preamps and 24-bit converters. Each of the 16 input channels delivers clear and detailed audio, capturing the nuances of vocals, instruments, and more. Whether you’re mixing live performances or recording in the studio, the XR16 provides professional-level audio fidelity that meets the demands of any application.

Versatile Channel Configuration

Featuring 8 MIDAS-designed microphone preamps and 16 input channels, the Behringer XR16 offers versatile channel configuration options. The mixer supports up to 6 aux sends and provides comprehensive EQ and dynamics processing on each channel, allowing you to tailor your sound precisely to your preferences. With flexible routing and extensive mixing capabilities, the XR16 adapts to a wide range of audio setups and requirements.

Compact and Portable Design

Designed for mobility, the Behringer XR16 features a compact and lightweight chassis that is easy to transport and set up. Its rugged construction ensures durability, making it suitable for both stage use and mobile recording environments. Whether you’re performing on the road or setting up in a studio, the XR16 combines reliability with portability.

Intuitive Control and Monitoring

The XR16 features an intuitive interface with a full-color display and dedicated controls for easy operation. Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allows wireless control from iOS, Android, or PC/Mac devices, providing flexibility and convenience during live performances. With instant access to EQ, effects, and routing parameters, the XR16 simplifies complex mixing tasks and enhances workflow efficiency.

Flexible Connectivity Options

Equipped with a comprehensive range of connectivity options, the Behringer XR16 accommodates various audio configurations and setups. It includes XLR and TRS inputs for microphones and instruments, as well as USB connectivity for recording and playback from external devices. The mixer also features MIDI connectivity for integration with MIDI-enabled equipment and control surfaces.

Affordable Excellence

Despite its professional-grade features, the Behringer XR16 remains competitively priced, offering exceptional value for money. It provides advanced digital mixing capabilities without the high cost associated with similar systems, making it accessible to a wide range of users from solo performers to professional audio engineers.


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